Ultra-violent retro shooter Ultrakill gets ‘official’ sex toy support


A retro first-person shooter videogame called Ultrakill can now be paired with vibrating sextech devices, due to an official mod release for the title, created by a leading sex toy researcher.

Using the official mod for the ultra-violent game, players can sync sex toy vibrations with on-screen action such as the screen image shaking, weapons firing, player movement such as sliding and dashing, plus menu haptics.

The mod, which is named UKbutt and was created by Kyle Machulis through his site and platform buttplug.io, can be downloaded from Github along with instructions for how to install it.

Buttplug.io posted a video on YouTube showing a buttplug vibrating in unison with Ultrakill action, to demonstrate the mod.

Machulis’ Buttplug.io project has facilitated synchronizing between videogames and sextech devices before, but the Ultrakill mod is believed to mark the first time an ‘official’ sex toy mod has been made for a first-person shooting game.

The game is billed by its publisher Newblood as a “fast-paced ultraviolent retro FPS [first-person shooter] combining the skill-based style scoring from character action games with unadulterated carnage inspired by the best shooters of the ’90s. Rip apart your foes with varied destructive weapons and shower in their blood to regain your health.”

The official buttplug mod was undertaken after a fan requested it on social media. Dave Oshry, CEO of Newblood, tweeted: “To this day I could not tell you how nor why Ultrakill fanbase became so goddamn horny, but I’m here for it.”

“At no point when originally testing or discussing the game with Hakita [Arsi Patala, Ultrakill game developer] or anyone at NB [Newblood] were any of us like, ‘They’re gonna want sex’. Congrats on the sex, tho,” he added.

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