‘Touch, cuddle, spank’: ComeCloser is a VR and desktop game for early adopters


An interactive virtual reality (VR) and desktop sex game called ComeCloser has been gaining traction online, with the game being continually updated and allowing you to “touch, cuddle, spank and penetrate” 3D characters from a first-person perspective.

Funded and promoted on Patreon, the independent game offers a first-person view as the player gets frisky with 3D animated female characters, sometimes seeing a stroking or caressing hand representing their own movements.

It works with PC-based VR headsets, using a keyboard and mouse, plus as a standalone non-PC game with the Meta Quest headsets (both version 1 and 2).

Versions of the game have been available for over a year, with new updates being offered regularly, neatly tying in with Patreon’s model of regular payments from supporters.

The graphics and motion are relatively impressive, with the makers promising that new developments will see regular improvements. The creator says that new character poses, clothes and toys would be released, plus improved interactions such as “soft body for the breast and buttocks, better skin… better artificial intelligence”.

Although pretty impressive in terms of visuals, the way the player’s hand is depicted feels a bit sinister, like it’s some kind of floating dark gloved hand moving up and down a female character’s body. The developer promoting the ability to “grab” characters as part of interactions doesn’t exactly inspire a feeling of wholesome consensual sex, either. In its current form, it’s probably best described as a game for early adopters wanting to support developers in this part of the industry.

The player’s ‘hand’ in ComeCloser: a bit sinister…?

If you’re happy to overlook such potential tonal misfires, you can download a demo – or the full latest version – of ComeCloser from the Patreon page.

VR sex games featuring 3D animated female characters, often made by independent developers, seem to be on the rise as more hype about metaverse gaming possibilities builds.

Recently an in-development game called VR Hand Revolution, featuring characters made from 3D scans of real porn stars with their consent, gained traction online. Meanwhile, the first AR porn passthrough game for the Meta Quest headsets is also on the way.

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