Headero is a hook-up app for people who really like oral sex

Headero Hookup app for Oral Sex

The steady march through time towards an era in which every sexual act, niche and kink has a dedicated app has been bolstered by the launch of Headero, a Tinder-like app matching people who love oral sex.

Launched by entrepreneur Stephen Quaderer in New York, in summer 2021, the app claims to be the “first hookup app for oral pleasure”.

The concept is simple and its functionality will be familiar to anyone who has used a mainstream dating app. You can browse the profiles of other users, perusing their photos (which may or may not show their faces), then send messages to those that tickle your fancy, with oral sex the expected common topic.

To help temper —or indeed raise—  expectations, you can select whether you are interested in giving or receiving oral sex, before you begin searching profiles for matches.


Gender and sexuality inclusivity seems to be as much of a driving force for the app as a love of blow jobs and cunnilingus. You can select your listed gender and sexuality identities from a large number of options. The non-binary category alone features many subsections, including ‘gender non-conforming’, ‘genderqueer’, ‘pangender’, ‘third gender’ and ‘trans non-binary’.

In October 2021, Headero founder Quaderer told Inside Hook that the app had over 5,000 users, so it’s not going to be causing concern in the Tinder boardroom any time soon. Many of Headero’s early online reviews seem suspiciously marketing-y in tone, while a more recent reviewer has complained of a lack of other Headero users in their area, among other concerns.

Indeed, it’s harder to build user trust for hook-up apps than it is for less sex-focused dating apps, as the former tend to attract large amounts of scammers, and some sex workers touting for work.

This is a shame, as any apps that help you clearly outline what you’re looking for in a match — in a dating world full of ambiguity and mis-matched expectations—  should be welcomed.

So, we wish Headero the best in one day licking the market, however unlikely that might look right now.

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