XConfessions iOS app wants to help couples ‘swipe right’ on sexual fantasies


Indie adult filmmaker Erika Lust has launched an app for couples to discover the sexual fantasies they share.

Designed to get couples talking more about their desires, the XConfessions app (iOS only, for now) presents the user with sexual scenarios and has a Tinder-like swipe feature (right for fantasies you like and left for those you don’t).

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When you and your partner have swiped right on the same scenario, it comes up as a match in the ‘bank’. That way, you only see the fantasies you share in common – the ones you don’t agree on on are discarded without the other person seeing.

XConfessions App packshot 6

The XConfessions app also has a single-user function, meaning you can access the app’s catalogue of scenarios without connecting to a partner’s phone. Cue-cards include: ‘Voulez vous-coucher avec moi, ce soir? Seduce me in French’, ‘Can we join the Mile High Club on our next holiday?’ and ‘Roleplay: Alien abduction’. It’s simple to disconnect from paired devices, too, making it easy to use with multiple partners or fit for use again (with no hard feelings) following a break-up.

Erika Lust - XConfessions

Erika Lust, founder of XConfessions

The XConfessions app is an extension of Lust’s crowdsourced pornography project with the same name. XConfessions invites people to share their sexual stories and fantasies – one of which is chosen each week by Lust and made into a short explicit film.

XConfessions now has a catalogue of over 130 short films and over 200,000 active members. In 2016 the project opened its doors to fund guest directors, allowing up-and-coming talent to be part of the series. Access ranges from $34 per month to just under $145 for a year.

The app is free to download from the App Store. An Android version is yet to be released.

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