If you’re still embarrassed buying sex toys, the new SexToii app for Android and iOS is a way to browse a list of curated products in a simple and discreet manner. It’s also more engaging than just poring through website listings of products.

Rather than simply provide an array of sex toys and accessories (lubricants, condoms, etc.) across different categories, there’s no way to specifically search for something you want, which perhaps aims the app directly at people who are interested in buying a sex toy, but that don’t necessarily keep up with the latest products or know exactly what they want.

The result is a Tinder-like swiping mechanism for the shop. Swipe left to move along to the next product, or swipe right to add it to your wishlist. Tapping on it will show you more details to help you decide. Once you’ve added some items, you can purchase them directly within the app.

The inability to search or browse products might frustrate some people, but without its unique shopping mechanism – I certainly can’t think of another Android or iOS app that lets you buy sex toys, let alone one that makes you swipe through products – there wouldn’t be a whole lot of point in its existence. It’s also only just launched, so new features will inevitably arrive in the future.


You don’t need to sign up to take a swipe around the app, but you will need to confirm that you’re over the age of 18. You can also choose to set a password to lock the app too, if you like.

It’s interesting that both Apple and Google have allowed this app onto their respective stores, given their well-established views towards anything deemed ‘adult’.

SexToii [iOS | Android]