Naughty America AR mobile review: A fun, yet glitchy novelty

Naughty America AR review

Naughty America is no stranger to augmented reality (AR), having brought the first version of its AR models to life back in 2018. More recently, they’ve been upgraded – taking them from ‘hmm’ to a great idea that hasn’t yet been perfected.

We’ve become used to AR in mobile gaming, with the popularity of Pokémon Go and Wizards Unite, so it’s a natural step for porn companies to get in on the action. In the adult arena, VRBangers’ ARConk app was released this year too.

However, unlike VR porn in general, and Naughty America VR specifically, the advantage of AR apps like this is they don’t require a headset, and are therefore accessible for a wide range of users. Obviously, if you do have a mixed reality headset to play around with them on, the experience will likely be better again.


Naughty America AR App
Naughty America AR has 13 models, some of which are based on real-life performers.

Naughty America AR Overview

Choosing an Avatar

While ARConk focuses on customizable avatars to interact with, Naughty America instead provides a set list of 13 avatars to choose from, some of which are based on real stars like Tiffany Watson or Nina Elle.

Though a mostly white line up, more diverse options like ‘Brandy’ (who is Black), ‘Jaya’ (an ‘Indian MILF’), and ‘Koyuki’ (Japanese), can be found in a handy scroll-down list.

The avatars are fairly basic 3D renders, with 90s video game character proportions. This isn’t necessarily a negative however, as it is a fantasy after all.

Once you choose an avatar, you’re taken to a page that shows you the position they’re available in and a short description of it, (e.g. ‘Tiffany Watson Giving You a BJ’). You can then choose to view it in 3D, which gives you a rotating 360-degree view of the avatar’s positioning.

Here’s the first frustration: each avatar is only available in that one position, and you can’t customize the positions or clothing. If you want a different position, you have to navigate back to the list to find a different avatar profile, and click through again to find out what positions they’re available in – it’s incredibly clunky and limiting, as a user experience.

Naughty America AR App 2

Naughty America AR: A Restrictive Reality

Once you’ve chosen an avatar in a position you like, you can ‘view in your space’ – this takes you to the AR part of the app.

The app prompts you to scan the floor and then overlays the 3D avatar in your space. The positioning is fairly random (occasionally I couldn’t find the avatar and then realised it had actually appeared behind me, or on my desk).

If the avatar is in an inaccessible place, you’ll have to click back and reset it by scanning the floor again. This can become quite frustrating, so it’s best to have a fair amount of floor space to work with (I have a tiny urban flat and had to go into the garden to ensure I could make it work properly).

Once the avatar is in a logical place, you can pinch and zoom in and out to make it smaller or larger in order to interact with it.

Interaction consists of carefully getting as close as possible so that the image and your own body line up. Come in too close, however, or at the wrong angle, and the avatar will disappear. It’s an extremely frustrating game of precision.

‘Lisa’ (in cowgirl) was nigh impossible. I ended up having to position the avatar and then slowly wriggle on my back until I was underneath her, with disconcertingly large avatar hands looming at the front of the screen.

Be careful placing any part of yourself into the frame as well. Unless the avatar size is completely right, your hands (or whatever body part) will look HUGE in comparison to the avatar – though that might also be an entertaining perk.

Naughty America AR models

Simplicity is Key

The easiest avatars/positions I found were ‘Ruby’ and ‘Nina Elle’ (both in doggy), and ‘Brandy’, ‘Koyuki’, ‘Erica’, ‘Kelly’, ‘Jaya’, ‘Shawna’ (in all variations of missionary). With these, you can simply place them on the floor and kneel by them, holding the phone above your pelvis.

Casca Akashova (spooning on her side), was in an interesting position in theory, but impossible in practice. At one point she ended up materializing in a corner of my room, once on the arm of my sofa. I finally took her outside and got her into a reasonable position, but then when I tried to lie down next to her she’d jump away or disappear altogether.

I felt like we were playing a frankly irritating game of ‘hide and seek’, when she’d occasionally reappear, holding up her arse to tease me, and then running off again. Not the intended experience, but an experience, I suppose.

‘Jackie’, who apparently ‘wants you from behind’ while standing up, does not actually seem to want you at all – she disappears the second you get anywhere near her.

I just about managed to reach out my gigantic hand to touch her butt before she blinked out of existence again. You’re safer going for the regular, kneel-down positions, or Tiffany’s stand-up blow job.

Naughty America AR close-up

Naughty America AR: A Long Way to Go

It’s definitely an exciting idea, but almost everything about the actual user experience is glitchy or clunky, disrupting the enjoyment of it.

On the rare occasions you can get the app to work fine for a while, i.e. in blow job, doggy or missionary, it can genuinely be a thrilling experience – an accessible way to create the visual of having sex with a 3D character. It’s an exciting peek into a fantastical future.

For now, though, this implementation of the tech just isn’t quite there yet.

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