Nuit is an astrology dating app that lets you filter out straight people

Nuit Astrology Dating App

The niche dating market continues to blossom, but don’t be fooled into thinking that they are all created equal, as Nuit, an astrology themed dating swipe-a-thon shows.

Aimed at people who still think that the Mesopotamians were onto something, NUiT offers the usual Tinderesque left/right swipe shenanigans but allows you to check the astrology charts of potential matches before you commit (or if are just feeling nosy).

Don’t worry – all the star charts and calculations are done for you when you register, so there’s no need to suddenly become an expert in astrological pseudo-science. In fact, you’ll be able to indicate your astrological knowledge level in your profile.

But perhaps the best feature is the one that has nothing to do with astrology, and it could be a way forward for many others.

Quite simply, it asks you whether you want to hide profiles from people who have indicated they are straight.

It may not seem like a big deal, but it’s a huge win for equality, as it effectively and subtly allows a single app, rather than separate apps for those who identify differently.

Alternatively, perhaps you’re pansexual, or just prefer to see the whole smorgasbord. The concept of ‘toggling’ makes this a lot easier. Additionally, if you select non-binary as your gender, you’re offered a free text box, rather than being hemmed in by pre-determined options.

There are traditionally strong links between the LGBTQ+ and astrology communities, including a sharp rise amongst millenials, so it seems appropriate that it’s an astrology app that is taking this idea by the horns.

The app itself, available on Google Play and the Apple App Store, was created in Greece, one of the earliest civilisations to use astrology in everyday life. More recently it has spread across the world, with word-of-mouth and 200,000 downloads already clocked up, showing exactly where it’s filling a gap in the market.

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