Joystick is dating for gamers, and pictures are optional

Joystick dating

While you might think that a site called Joystick Dating is a cynical attempt to cash-in on ‘gaming culture’, it’s one that gamers are still likely to welcome.

The service is latest dating app from self-confessed ‘serial dating entrepreneur’ David Minns, who you may recall from sites like Dinky One and its sister site Big One, which both launched this year.

As well as opening up a means of meeting like-minded souls, Joystick has a number of key security and functionality features that set it apart.

First and foremost, photos are optional. Unlike most sites that are obsessed with swiping on pictures and judging on looks, Joystick leaves it up to you if you want to share your face before you meet.

At no point are you asked for your date of birth (or any other unnecessary personal data), but rather you just have to specify your age. The company believes that this is a more secure option as its less likely to be used elsewhere as a security question.

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All inactive profiles are deleted after 30 days, along with all messages, so the site is constantly up to date and secure.

You’ll either be thrilled or disappointed to learn that nudity and overt sexuality are completely banned from the platform. Your personal gender preference is a completely open book – you choose what best sums you up – there’s a free choice box if you want to specify something a little more unique.

The company is also keen to stress it has strict security and privacy policies, including one-click liking, blocking and downloading of all your data.

Joystick Dating is available now as both desktop and mobile websites. At present, anyone can join and use the site completely free of charge. A subscription will be required in the future, once it has fully launched.

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