OKCupid expands gender pronoun options to all profiles

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Dating stalwart OKCupid has taken a big leap into the 21st century by adding details about preferred user pronouns to all profiles, nearly two years after it was first introduced for some users.

Previously, you were only invited to add their He/She/They pronoun if they had already identified as LGBTQIA – which caused consternation among those who argued that the two can be mutually exclusive (which, of course, they can).

“Everyone should be able to express who they are, in their own words, and to have the opportunity to find romance with someone who respects and appreciates them,” said inclusivity charity GLAAD’s Vice President of Programs Zeke Stokes.

The option is being updated in the latest versions of OkCupid apps and should now appear regardless of your selections for gender and orientation, even if that’s cis-hetero.

With the acceptance of non-binary genders growing exponentially over the past decade, it seems ludicrous that any app, let alone one in the dating sector would impose limitations on how people can identify, so it’s good to see OKCupid getting with the program.

But the important thing here is far more fundamental – dating apps are about getting to know someone, at least enough to decide if you want to screw each other.

Part of that is about making a good impression, and getting pronouns wrong, while often unintentional, can seem ignorant and perhaps a dealbreaker.

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