VRBangers launches ‘Date Night’ for casual adult VR and desktop gamers

VRBangers Date Night Porn Game

If you’re the sort of person that finds themselves engrossed by color-matching puzzles on your phone or computer, but wish the payoff was to see porn performers in POV scenes, rather than to simply try and beat your highest score, then VRBangers‘ unabashedly time-wasting ‘Date Night‘ might be up your street.

As with many casual games, the gameplay of Date Night is a simple matching task – create blocks of the same color to remove them from the board, and meet your target number for the level.

Date Night game by VRBangers

Unlike the VRBangers porn site, you can register a free account to play the Date Night game (or play without registering as a guest). If you create an account your progress will be stored in the cloud and you can continue playing on any other computer – it’s only available for Microsoft-based computers, currently.

Date Night VR porn game by VRBangers

All VRBangers accounts work with the game (including any that are inactive), and any actively subscribing members get 500 bonus coins to help them through the game (we’ll be honest, we got to around level 20 like a breeze, so it’s not like you need credits to play).

While you are progressing in the game you unlock sexual videos.

At level 50, you get to meet Laura (performer Bridget B) in her penthouse and then things get steamy. There are 100 levels in the game right now, and another performer added into the mix somewhere near the end of the game, giving you a threesome experience.

VRBangers Date Night Porn Game

You can see a thumbnail of all locked videos in the game dashboard, when you click on the film icon.

While you can use a desktop-based VR headset to play the game, it also works fine with a monitor too, and if you do decide to splurge on some credits to help you through the game, there are packages between $5 and $100 available.

> Play Date Night

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