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vrbangers review

Check out our VRBangers review to see if it can stand up to general access VR porn sites like BaDoinkVR and VirtualRealPorn, and then see how it stacks up against the whole of the competition in our VR roundup.

With a competitive pricing structure that works out at between 27 cents and 83 cents per day, depending on whether you sign up for a month or a year. That makes it cheaper than many of its rivals, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s better value – read on to find out if it’s worth your hard-earned dollars.

As always, we’ve got a summary of the review in the next section below, and a comparison with other closely related VR porn sites right at the end of the VRBangers review.

VR Bangers Review: Rating

Ease of Use85
Catalog Size81
Content Variety83
Performer Variety84
Update Frequency85
VR Quality94
Reader Rating1 Vote84
VR porn game included (Oculus and Vive only)
VR player app makes watching really convenient (Oculus, Vive and Samsung Gear VR only)
Many scenes include more than one girl
Scenes up to 40 minutes long (average of 27mins)
No teledildonics
VR player app still being developed for smartphones
Great for Vive and Oculus!
VRBangers doesn't quite make it to the top of the pack, but it gets pretty damn close thanks to its incredibly useful features, and particularly innovative Vive and Oculus options - there's no access to teledildonics or non-VR porn though.
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vrbangers reviewVRBangers Review: Design and Content

Just like many of the alternatives, VRBangers puts some effort into making its catalog of 155 or so (correct at the time of writing) VR porn videos easy enough to find. In the most part, this means filtering by category, searching for specific performers or navigating your way from one video to another via the video tags. Whichever you choose, it’s simple enough. What it doesn’t offer is the ‘best viewing angle’ indicator that some of the other sites have, however.

Even so, finding VR porn videos you want to watch isn’t a tricky thing to do – and it’s made simpler by the fact that you can download or stream the clips the directly – thereby sparing your phone from multiple multi-gigabyte downloads.

Most of the clips range between 22 minutes and 40-something minutes, with the average tending towards the high twenties. The catalog seems to be getting regular – often themed – scene updates too, and there’s an included VR porn game included (based on a Game of Thrones parody) for anyone that subscribes and also owns an Oculus or HTC Vive headset.

There’s a good mix of one-on-one action and scenes with multiple girls in too, which helps keep the VR action interesting – indeed, many of the scenes (particularly the newest ones) are available as both 360-degree and 180-degree clips. It’s a nice option, considering that many other VR porn sites stick rigidly to 180-degree.

VRBangers Review: Headset Support & Features

As mentioned above, VRBangers has a few differentiatiors that make it stand out from the crowd – despite not being anywhere near the biggest catalog available.

Most notably – and even more so when the new version for smartphones is ready – there’s a VRBangers app that works a bit like BaDoinkVR’s virtual theater mode. Essentially, it just makes it a whole lot easier for you to watch full length, high resolution VR porn videos without having to download them all, or mess about with other third-party VR content players. For now, the app only works with HTC Vive, Samsung Gear VR and Oculus VR headsets.

It’s a similar story with the VR porn game that’s included with all the subscriptions (excluding the one-day trial) – only Vive and Oculus owners can play it for now.

vrbangers reviewThe only thing really missing from the list of supported features is a selection of teledildonic capable videos. If that’s essential for you, VRBangers probably isn’t the subscription you want. If you don’t have a Fleshlight Launch, or Kiiroo Onyx/Pearl, you probably won’t care though.

For the rest of the ‘regular’ VR porn videos available – at up to 4k – you can use an Oculus, Vive, PlayStation VR, Gear VR or smartphone-based headset. VRBangers is one of the only – if not the only – site to explicitly state support for Windows Mixed Reality headsets from the likes of Lenovo and others too.

VRBangers Review: Pricing

With a whole bunch of innovative features, 360-degree videos as well as 180-degree, streaming and download options, VRBangers is surprisingly aggressively priced, working out at $0.83 cents per day for a monthly subscription, $0.55 cents per day for three-months of access, and $0.27 cents for a year subscription. Clearly, that longer commitment works out significantly cheaper in the long.

Those numbers, however, aren’t that useful (it’s how VRBangers displays prices, not us!), so here are those costs broken down into the actual payment amounts.

  • 1 Day Trial – $2.50 – Mobile streaming + 1 download
  • 1 Month – $24.95 each month
  • 3 Months – $49.95 (works out to $16.65 per month)
  • 1 Year – $99.84 (works out to $8.32 per month)


VRBangers Review: Overall

If VRBangers had a slightly bigger catalog of videos, teledildonic support and that smartphone VR app available today, it’d sit right at the top of our roundup of VR porn sites. As it doesn’t, it shares a joint second place with VirtualRealPorn and Naughty America, but what you get is quite different. With Naughty America VR, for example, you get thousands of regular (non-VR) porn videos included with your subscription too, but it’s not the most innovative of VR porn sites if you’re looking for features.

Overall, VRBangers delivers its best value with a one-year subscription – and provided it doesn’t take too long to deliver the new VR app, that should open things up to even more convenient viewing for even more people.

VRBangers Review: Comparison

BadoinkVR just about tops the list of our review scores for VR porn sites, but its rivals are pretty close behind!Recent updates deliver better usability, and new content is added regularly. Subscribing on a longer basis offers better value for money than a monthly deal too, and it has something others can't offer in the virtual theater option. On top of all that, memberships also now include access to BadoinkVIP and its catalog of 100,000+ non-VR clips. Read full review
Excellent catalog and virtual theater option
With great filters, regular updates, a whole bunch of content and good value introductory offers to let you test the service out, it's hard to ignore VirtualRealPorn among a growing number of VR porn sites. It also has great three-month pricing offers and support for teledildonics devices.Read full review
Biggest catalog!
Naughty America VR
Naughty America VR
If you want one subscription with wide-ranging access, this is it. You get access to thousands of non-VR porn videos, 170+ VR scenes and even a dozen of interactive porn scenes that work with teledildonics. It's only let down by no streaming for VR scenes, meaning you have to download but it's not a deal-breaker. Otherwise, it's a smart all-rounder choice.Read full review
Great all-rounder
VRCosplayX makes a lot more sense on an annual subscription than a monthly one, and on that basis, it's well worth considering. Its score is hurt mostly by its relatively small, but fast-growing, collection of clips. There's good variety between the scenes, but right now there's still just 30. Read full review
No-brainer for cosplay fans
18VR does one thing really well, but it can't offer the range of content available at most other VR porn sites, even niche ones. It's one we intend to revisit in the future. Read full review
One to watch
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