YouPorn embraces the TikTok age with Swyp browser


Proving the old adage that porn will either lead the way or at least jump on the bandwagon at the first opportunity, YouPorn has introduced an app offering TikTok-style features to its platform.

The Web app is called SWYP and gives you a clutter-free interface to explore its content using swipes.

Accessed through the main website, rather than a native iOS or Android app, SWYP presents you with random videos in the form of a full-screen GIF. No explanations, No nonsense. Swipe up and down to change, or swipe left to play if you like what you see – this will take you into the regular video player so you can watch the content with full sound and vision.

Logged-in users can then favorite videos for later viewing. The more videos you favorite, the better the algorithm gets at finding the right kind of content for your particular needs and kinks. Thus, it gets better the more you use it. Theoretically.

YouPorn isn’t making and short-form video for the new site – this is just a different way of accessing existing content.

Charlie Hughes, VP of YouPorn explains: “With the addition of YouPorn SWYP, it is easier than ever for users to explore content based on their specific interests, thus always improving the recommendations within SWYP itself and everywhere on our site. SWYP was designed to be an easier, more visually enticing way to watch porn and discover new content.”

YouPorn hasn’t packaged up an app this time, but you can create a direct shortcut on your phone screen if you want to get into the swiping straight away.

Although aimed at mobile users, it is possible to view SWYP on desktop, but you won’t get the same seamless experience as you would on a phone or tablet.

If you want to give it a try, you can simply point your mobile device here.

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