MindGeek-owned tube site YouPorn has rolled out an update to its mobile site that adds a few new filters, and more importantly, cuts out a whole load of the crappy ads that used to adorn each page.

Announced in a blog post, YouPorn says that mobile traffic (phones and tablets combined) now accounts for 76.5% of all site visits, and as such it wanted to make the experience better for mobile users by removing the mobile pop-under, as well as the mobile header and middle banner on ‘browse’ and ‘list’ pages. The specificity of the announcement suggests that the desktop site will continue with the same level of advertising.

While the company says that it’s “[working] towards providing a clean, inclusive and personalized experience for all users”, removal of the pop-under is a particularly good move, as they’re both annoying, and frequently exploited by malware and scammers.

Along with the somewhat streamlined browsing experience, you can also now combine categories to make it quicker to find whatever you’re looking for when searching for videos.

The company told SEXTECHGUIDE that it’s hoping that the short term hit to the bottom line will work itself out in the long run.

“By providing our users with less intrusive ads and offering a faster, less-cluttered viewing experience, it is our hope that we will attract more customers in the long run, and offset short-term revenue losses with this anticipated growth,”a spokesperson said.

Android users also now have the option of downloading a relatively new native YouPorn app, too.

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