Chaturbate launches Twitch-like game streaming feature for cam performers

Chaturbate Games

Chaturbate [very NSFW] is allowing cam performers on the site to stream video games as part of their shows, with the launch of a new function called Chaturbate Games.

The feature allows performers to choose a game from a list of approved titles, then go ahead and stream themselves playing it, Twitch-style, without fear of breaching any music or visual licensing agreements.

Previously, if a cam performer streamed themselves playing a game through Chaturbate, their broadcast would often be cut due to copyright violation issues and they’d get a telling off from the site’s adminis.

Cammers are only able to stream games from the list of approved titles, which game developers can add to by submitting their titles online. So far the list comprises relatively niche indie games such as Princess Never Lose, Demons Rise Up! And House Party.

With many large gaming companies likely to be squeamish about being linked to an explicit site, Chaturbate’s chances of becoming a streaming home for a wide range of mainstream games are limited. What’s more likely is the site finding a niche as a place to stream adult games banned by other streaming platforms.

One of the approved titles on Chaturbate Games is a hentai-style game named Anal Masters. Another is Night Party, described by the developers as an “erotic quest” to have sex with every woman attending a party in a mansion.

In August 2021, Chaturbate trailed the launch of Chaturbate Games by announcing a hook-up with The Sims-style 3D sex game 3DXCHAT. That move came a few months after remote access sex toy company Lovense paired up with 3DXCHAT, as the worlds of gaming and adult camming nudged closer to each other.

Shirley Lara, Chief Operations Officer for Chaturbate, said that the launch of Chaturbate Games would allow performers to “diversify their shows”, adding: “We see a lot of video game enthusiasts broadcasting on Chaturbate”.

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