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DreamCam Voice-to-Text allows hands-free messaging in VR cam rooms

dreamcam voice to text vr cams

Virtual reality (VR) porn platform DreamCam has introduced a Voice-2-Text feature, which allows you to communicate with VR cam models without having to remove your hand from your genitals or stop masturbating for a split-second.

The function does require the use of one finger – to hold a microphone button next to the message input box during a VR session with a camming model. Your voice is then converted to text for the model to read.

Announcing the feature, currently only available in English, DreamCam Vice President Daniel Goldin made it clear that it was not rolled out as a simple time-saver.

DreamCam Home page

DreamCam’s homepage

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“Ever wonder how frustrating it might get to express your feelings through plain text while beating your meat?” he said. “Now you can stop struggling and enjoy the show to its fullest.”

DreamCam previously rolled out a function allowing real-time voice communication with models in private sessions, so this feels like evolution rather than revolution. Although Goldin’s quirky comments may be designed for cheeky marketing impact, Voice-2-Text will solve a problem of being ‘taken out of the moment’ for many VR porn cam users that otherwise generally have to text models with two hands.

DreamCam launched in early 2021 in partnership with the porn site xHamster. By offering high-quality, reliable live VR porn camming, it is hoping to be a big part of the nascent VR porn industry, which many believe will eventually become a dominant force within the wider porn industry.

The platform works similarly to more traditional live porn cam sites such as [NSFW] Chaturbate and [NSFW] Bongacams (which also provide some VR feeds), but with focus fully on virtual reality.

In 2021 DreamCam co-founder and CEO Stan Gearson said: “Until now, the VR experience in the adult industry has been limited to recorded content. We’re the first and only company able to offer the quality of recorded VR content at a comfortable and reliable streaming quality.”

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