OnlyFans founder Tim Stokely pumps investment into fitness-based dating app FITFCK


OnlyFans founder and former CEO Tim Stokely has invested in FITFCK, a forthcoming dating app for people who use the gym, that is hoping to become the market-leading fitness and dating-related app.

Founded by fitness entrepreneur Jamie Wykes-Hobday (pictured below, right, with Stokely on the left), FITFCK is expected to be released in November 2022. Details are thin on the ground, but the app is expected to be a Tinder of sorts for people who like to get seriously toned by lifting weights and running on treadmills and whatnot.

FITFCK founder Jamie Wykes-Hobday with founder of OnlyFans Tim Stokely

The company said that it had over 200,000 people on its waiting list to join the app, which was reportedly the product of a period of romantic turmoil for Wykes-Hobday.

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FITFCK said that the app was “born out of heartbreak after Jamie’s girlfriend dumped him weeks before competing in a bodybuilding competition.”

While other fitness-focused dating apps exist, such as SingleFit and New York-based Sweatt, none have become more than a relatively niche prospect or impinged on the dating app market dominance enjoyed by the likes of Tinder and bumble.

The involvement of Stokely suggests that the company has bigger ambitions than simply being a niche dating app, with the former OnlyFans CEO, who stepped away from the company in December 2021, having launched that site from humble beginnings in 2016.

“Finding an investor is one thing but finding one who has scaled his own start up into a multi billion dollar global business is extremely rare and very valuable,” Wykes-Hobday says.

The app’s branding is young and mildly edgy, seemingly targeted at gym bros and bunnies who see working out as very much a lifestyle rather than a chore. The company announced Stokely’s investment with the phrase: “The future looks bright, the future looks FIT as FCK”.

Following Stokely’s departure from OnlyFans as CEO he was replaced by Amrapali Gan, who joined the company in 2020 and worked as the site’s chief marketing and communications officer.

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