The Right Stuff? ‘Anti-woke’ dating app gets off to chaotic start


A new US-based dating app for conservatives, touting itself as an anti-woke, pro-Donald Trump app, has got off to a chaotic start, with negative reviews and people claiming online that they were contacted by the FBI after using it.

The Right Stuff, launched in September 2022, is billed as a “no pronouns necessary” space where being a Democrat is considered a “red flag”. Reviews of the app have complained about its invite-only policy as well as FBI contact.

One reviewer posted an unverified claim that they were contacted by the FBI shortly after they answered a question about the January 6, 2021 insurrection on Washington DC’s Capitol Hill, reported The Independent.

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“I came here to find love, not a damn warrant,” they wrote.

Other reviews moaned about the alleged lack of women using the app, and not being able to access it easily due to its invitation policy.

“Where are all the ladies?!” one review read. “All I see are other God-fearing men, liberal-bashing away… I’ve never seen a dating site so sad and devoid of love. On top of that, the app crashes left and right. Don’t waste your time, this app is definitely the wrong stuff.”

The sincerity of some of the reviews of the app seem questionable, however, with The Right Stuff potentially being a popular target for liberal trolls.

“What happens is they take your photo and information and store it in a database that will be used in the future as a way to identify and exterminate all of us conservative Christians,” one review reads.

The Right Stuff’s marketing material, including a video in which women laugh about how Democrats are the one thing they want to avoid most in the dating world, is so cheesy that it has led to suspicions that the app itself may have been some kind of MAGA-baiting joke.

The app was, however, developed by Ryann McEnany, who is the sister of Kayleigh McEnany: former White House press secretary, who worked for President Donald Trump. Billionaire entrepreneur Peter Thiel has invested in the app.

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