Sometimes, when you review a service or product, the company behind it doesn’t love the constructive criticism on offer. Few truly rankle at it, but it’s understandable why it’s not all that comfortable to see slightly negative words written about the thing you spent lots of time and money making (we know this first-hand!).

That’s why it is extra pleasant to hear that FeelXVideos – the currently top-rated interactive porn site in our roundup –  has added a new subscription option directly as the result of our review feedback.

If you missed that FeelXVideo review, we were general fans, but didn’t love that the only option at the time was a monthly $35 option (with 50% off the first month) that racked up to just under $400 for a year. Teledildonic toys aren’t just for one month, and that’s pretty pricey!

Now, however, there’s a new annual option that costs $120 for the entire year, making it a much more compelling option for anyone that wants longer-term access.

If, however, that annual subscription is a bit too much of a commitment still, the company has also reduced the standard subscription price – taking it down by $5 per month, to $29.95, and the same 50% offer on the first month.

And if that wasn’t all enough of an update, FeelXVideos says its also in partnership talks with content providers, and is uploading around 500 new interactive scenes each month.

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