SexLikeReal parent launches three new adult VR studios

Selena explores new VR sites with a focus on AllVR and LustReality.

Our virtual cup runneth over! Not one, but three new adult virtual reality (VR) sites have launched in the past month. AllVR, Lust Reality, and VRFirstTimers are the latest entries into the burgeoning market for virtual porn (aka ‘head in a headset’), though only one of them is bringing a unique proposition.


AllVR bills itself as “stunning babes having sex in full VR”. It’s compatible with all the usual VR headsets, maxes out at 6K resolution scenes (filmed at 60FPS) with binaural audio, and gets updated content twice a week.

A rolling monthly subscription costs $9.99 per month, and this falls to a $5 per month equivalent that provides access for one year for $59.99. Like some other sites, AllVR also offers a lifetime subscription option, which costs $399.99. Unlike those other sites, this lifetime cost doesn’t really make a lot of sense, given that it’s the equivalent of more than six and a half years’ annual access.

Lust Reality

Lust Reality claims it has ‘the most beautiful pornstars in the world’ and, like AllVR, includes twice-weekly 6K/60FPS scenes.

The pricing structure is different here. It’s $14.99 per month, again falling to $5 per month for one year’s access at $59.99 – but the lifetime access payment is a more modest $249.99, which at least makes a little more sense.


For something a little different, VRFirstTimer does exactly what you’d expect, with named performers taking to VR for the first time in a range of hardcore scenes – all of them on the same set so far, from what we can tell.

Unlike the others, there’s no promise of twice-weekly updates here, showing that the team behind this one are serious about keeping it focused on named performers that have never previously appeared in virtual reality porn before. As a result, there are only eight scenes available at the time of writing.

The prices are, once again, different for VRFirstTimer – one month costs $9.99, which falls to $4.17 per month, billed in a single payment of $49.99 for one year access, or $199.99 for lifetime access.

All three sites are clearly from the same stable – Data Tech Media, the owner of SexLikeReal and a few other VR properties – and first looks suggests that these are high-quality videos – we’ll have to wait for a full review though before passing judgement. There’s no teledildonic support, but that could well come later.

All major VR headsets are supported, from Oculus and Vive, right down to humble little Google Cardboard options.

Our only slight gripe is that (as is so often the way) is that there’s not that much difference between the first two, despite their obvious shared ownership, and there are no combo subscription options. VRFirstTimer would particularly benefit from combo subs, as it has so few scenes compared with rival sites.

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