Protect your browsing with STG’s lifetime ‘Pay What You Want’ anonVPN subscription offer


Hardly a day passes by without a security incident, hack or other personal data leak hitting the headlines.

That’s why keeping yourself secure online is paramount if you don’t want your every online step being tracked.

By using a VPN, like anonVPN, you can protect your true IP address and make yourself harder to track and better defended from hackers and cyberthieves.

You can also use a VPN to unlock geo-restrictions on streaming content on many popular services.

We’ve teamed up with Stack Social to offer you the anonVPN Pay What You Want lifetime subscription bundle, which includes:

  • Enjoy fully secure Internet at full speeds
  • Bypass geological restrictions & censorship to stream anything, anywhere
  • Utilize multiple server locations in the US and EU
  • Access your chat, email client & web apps securely on public Wi-Fi networks
  • Get peace of mind that none of your personal info is stored on AnonVPN’s servers
  • Enjoy the Zero Log policy

The zero log policy is key for anyone considering a VPN plan from any vendor.

That’s not all though!

Also include in the bundle is a lifetime subscription to Nonkly’s disposable email address service, so you’ll never get spammed again!


Nonkly’s service includes:

  • Protect your private email address from spam
  • Prevent incoming & future spam
  • Sign up for new services without getting overwhelmed w/ emails
  • Generate completely new email addresses for every unique online interaction
  • Reply to sites like Craigslist, while keeping your personal email private
  • Get lifetime access & unlimited email addresses

The total price for this bundle is $300, but you can get in on the action now at whatever price you want from $1.

Privacy and protection from hackers for $1? A no-brainer decision.

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