Get your headsets at the ready, because for the next few days – February 28 to March 3 – you lucky lot are in for a special treat as VRBangers celebrates its third anniversary. In fact, there are discounts across VRBangers, VRBTrans, and VRBGay, including a bundle deal.

OK, so let’s jump in to the offers – all prices are kept at the regular level, but you’re getting subscriptions that last twice as long for the same amount as cash, as each offer is a ‘Buy One Get One Free’ (with the exception of the lifetime deal).

VRBangers & Bundle Deals

  • 1-month deal is $25, and lasts two months
  • 3-month deal is $50, but lasts six months
  • 1-year deal is $100, but lasts for two years
  • Lifetime Access – A single payment of $250 that lasts for as long as the site exists!

Alternatively, if you want VRBangers bundled with VRBTrans, there are options for that too. These are not Buy One Get One Free offers:

  • 1-month is $40
  • 3-months is $80
  • 1-year is $150

Check out the VRBangers Discount & Bundle Deals

VRBTrans Deals

  • 1-month BOGOF is $25 (2 months total)
  • 3-months BOGOF is $50 (6 months total)
  • 1-year BOGOF is $100 (2 years total)
  • Lifetime $150 – for as long as the site exists

Check out VRBTrans

VRBGay Deals

  • 1-month BOGOF is $25 (2 months total)
  • 3-months BOGOF is $50 (6 months total)

Check out VRBGay

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