VRCosplayX: Badoink launches VR site just for cosplay fans


Where once you might have had the choice of just one or two VR sites, we’re seeing more and more niche VR services start to pop up. The latest, following on from female-oriented VirtualRealPassion, is Badoink’s VRCosplayX.

As you’ve probably guessed by now, it’s for people that want cosplay VR porn more than regular VR porn, and the service is currently listing 10 performers and 8 full length cosplay scenes.

Interestingly, Badoink is taking a different approach with VRCosplayX by keeping as its own standalone site with its own different branding. Rivals like Naughty America, for example, integrate VR alongside non-VR porn videos, and thereby offer bundled access to a range of different sites.

VRCosplayX has three different membership options:



The Boss



$5.95 per month

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