As we reported some months back, the 5th Love and Sex with Robots conference – like pretty much all other events – is fully virtual this year, and tickets are now on sale, priced at $5 for the two-day event.

For the five bucks, you get access to all the discussions (where you can interact and ask questions via video, voice or text) and the option to view a full recording of all the sessions, along with the PDFs of any research presented. Participants submitting papers will also be published in a special issue on Love and Sex with Robots in the Journal of Future Robot Life.

The event is taking place on Dec 7 – 8, though timing for each session across the two days still hasn’t been announced. Day one starts at 2pm GMT, according to the EventBrite listing.

This year, the sessions and speakers will focus on a range of diverse topics, beneath the umbrella of sexual or ‘intimate’ machines – including, sextech start-ups, intelligent sex hardware, robot clones, gender, and robo-ethics.

Speakers confirmed for the event include Dr Sven Ripsas, Berlin School of Economics, and Dr Ingo Rollwagen of Applied Sciences. They’ll also be joined by Dr David Levy.

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