David Levy keynote confirmed at weekend of sex robot-themed December events

Unsensored Night Sex Robots

Following its first event last month, Raspberry Dream Labs (RDL) is set to host its next panel and party on December 12 and 13, themed around sex robots. Both are taking place in London, England.

The last panel, hosted on a boat in Hackney, London had a variety of talks on sextech, sensual technologies, online sex workers driving the teledildonics industry, and a more abstract look at sex robots.

The upcoming events, sponsored by The Kinkstitute, will discuss sex robots in much greater detail, exploring arguments for and against the industry, and offering a sneak peak into the manufacturing process. Key speakers include pro sex robot advocate and author of Love and Sex with Robots, David Levy, and PhD student Isabel Millar, RDL confirmed to SEXTECHGUIDE. Other speakers are yet to be announced.

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Alongside the panel events, RDL has been working on multi-sensory research. Back in September, a study was conducted where participants enjoyed a virtual reality erotic experience, with compatible bodily vibration and fragrance stimulation. Participants were also invited to the first of Raspberry Dream Lab’s ‘Unsensored Night’ parties. The second event follows the sex robot panel on December 13.

This party will incorporate “immersive entertainment and performances that extend sexual experiences with the use of technology,” the company says.

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Though the party’s multi-sensory playscape has a limited capacity of 13 slots for 26 people, both events will feature a LoveDolls sex doll During the talk, guests can look but not touch – but at the party all guests may ‘interact’ with it, a spokesperson told SEXTECHGUIDE.

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Oli Lipski

Oli Lipski

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