What will the future of cybersex be like? Raspberry Dream Labs, an independent research team of artists and engineers is hoping to get an insight into multi-sensory stimulation. Through a series of live events, it will fuse augmented reality, virtual reality and other extended reality technologies (XR) that blur the line between real and simulated worlds.

Over the course of a week in September (2-8), participants are being invited to take part in this ‘Sensory Seduction’, solo or with a partner, to offer anonymous feedback. The conclusions will be published in Paladyn, Journal of Behavioural Robotics, and will define the area of focus for the next phase.

Though the experience isn’t designed with orgasms in mind, it is about sexual arousal, but through the senses. Incorporating sight, sound, smell and touch, founder Angelina Aleksandrovich explains that taste is unfortunately not included at this stage, but “is something that will happen in the future”.

It will cost you £10.30 for the 25 minute experience, held in a private London location. All participants will also be invited to the free party held on the Saturday, September 7, 2019.


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