Bloomgasm’s thrusting and licking clit vibrator jumps belatedly on the ‘rose vibe’ bandwagon


Bloomgasm, one of the sub-brands of XR toys that climbed on the ‘rose toy’ clitoral suction device bandwagon that went viral in 2021, has announced its latest rose-themed device.

The new, not-so-subtly-named ‘Bloomgasm Racy Rose Thrusting & Licking Rose Vibrator’ has a rapid moving tongue-like section designed to pleasure the clitoris, plus a more traditional vibrator-like shaft at the other end of the device, designed for penetration and thrusting.

Naturally, the area surrounding the licking section of the new device is shaped and colored like a red rose.

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Bloomgasm Racy Rose
Roses are red: Bloomgasm’s ‘rose toy’ sequel device
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The Bloomgasm Wild Rose 10X Silicone Clit Stimulator was one of the rose-shaped clit-suckers that became known as the ‘rose toy’ when the device genre went viral on social media, primarily TikTok, in 2021. Many brands made versions of the ‘rose toy’, with media outlets from Cosmopolitan to the New York Times running reviews of the various incarnations.

Bloomgasm’s new offering has a ‘tongue’ that makes a licking motion at three different speeds, with four different licking patterns. The insertable, vibrator-like ‘stem’ of the device also has three different speed settings, plus two patterns: vibrating and thrusting.

It sells for around $85—‍considerably more than most ‘rose toy’ devices, which are usually priced at around $50—‍but then, it does have that thrusting stem, which those devices don’t tend to include.

It’s unclear which company first came up with the ‘rose toy’ concept. Companies including NS Novelties, Adam and Eve, This link opens in a new tab.Lovehoney and a firm called TheRoseToyOfficial all offer variations of the design. Reviewers have warned of the potential dangers of buying unregulated and poor quality products from random retailers when looking for a ‘rose toy’ online, as online marketplaces have become flooded with them.

Kudos to Bloomgasm for adding a vibrator shaft to the original design, then, even if the company does seem to be flogging the ‘rose toy’ horse to the point of death. As of mid-November 2022, the company was offering ten different flower-themed sextech products on its website.

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