The Handy is an interactive male stroker with a unique design

A new male masturbator with Scandi flair
The Handy Male Masturbator

It takes an unflappable confidence to design a sex toy and call it The Handy, but that’s exactly what Norwegian start-up SweetTech has done.

The stroker device, launched late last year, has already sold in the thousands, after its founders decided to take masturbation back to the drawing board.

The resulting product resembles other hi-tech male masturbation aids, but works a little differently. Instead of a latex entrance, The Handy is a middle ground between a Fleshlight Launch and a Kiiroo Titan in that you put your penis in a sleeve, but that then moves up and down a static shaft.

The result is a device with the functionality of the Launch, but without quite the same bulk. But what really sets The Handy apart is its potential for couples, as well as solo play. As you can control it via an app, you can completely give over control to a partner, letting them control the speed from standing start, to 10 strokes a second. The max stroke length is up to 4.3-inches.

The Handy
The Handy is full of Norwegian promise

As well as being compatible with your penis (SweetTech says it’s “truly one size fits all”) and your partner, it also works with lube and perhaps most interestingly of all comes with an API, allowing developers to build new experiences for the device, a bit like the Lelo F1S.

In fact, with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi already onboard, SweetTech has already confirmed that future updates will bring support for synced 2D and VR content and even IOT support, with Google Home compatibility, cited as ready but not yet activated.

While you’re waiting, you can be confident of being both pleasured and protected, thanks to the range of magnetic, temperature, infrared and lock detecting sensors.

Plus if you’re worried about running out of energy, you can quickly switch from battery to mains seamlessly. Your own stamina is your own problem, however.

The Handy is already on sale in Norway and Germany in some brick-and-mortar retails stores, but if that’s not very…handy…for you, they can also be ordered directly from SweetTech for €159 (~$177/£139 currently), plus postage. Replacement sleeves cost around $10.

The Handy might need to start putting those potential capabilities to use soon though, given a Fleshlight Launch or Kiiroo Titan can already sync with other devices and interactive content already.

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