Lelo launches Tor 3 vibrating ring with enhanced features and app control

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Lelo, a prominent name in the intimate pleasure products industry, has unveiled the Tor 3, the latest addition to its Tor series of couples-focused vibrating rings. The new model offers increased vibration settings and the added functionality of app control for a more customizable experience.

The Tor 3 comes with eight unique vibration patterns, up from the six featured on its predecessor, the Tor 2. Additionally, users can now adjust the device’s settings through Lelo’s app, providing added convenience during use.


Other improvements include an extended battery life, allowing users to enjoy the Tor 3 for up to two hours between charges, compared to the Tor 2’s 90-minute capacity. The Tor 3 also sports a smooth finish, in contrast to the matte texture of the Tor 2.

However, the new model generates slightly more noise than its predecessor, with Lelo reporting a maximum noise level of 60 decibels for the Tor 3 and 50 decibels for the Tor 2.

The Tor 3 is priced at $159, while the Tor 2 retails at $129.

Designed primarily for use during penetrative sex, the Tor 3 aims to enhance pleasure for both partners with its vibrations. To use the device, users place the ring around the base of the penis and activate it either by pressing a button on the unit or via the Lelo app.

The Tor series has played a significant role in Lelo’s product lineup. In 2022, the company collaborated with Diesel to release a limited edition Tor 2, featuring the clothing brand’s logo and a unique slogan.

In related news, Lelo has recently voiced its concerns regarding the treatment of the sex tech industry by Big Tech.

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