Diesel collab with Lelo gives sextech another nudge towards the mainstream

diesel and lelo collab

Having arguably conquered the world of denim, Diesel has become the biggest, and probably the first, mainstream clothes brand to put its name to sextech products, via a new collaboration with sex toy firm Lelo.

Two of Swedish company Lelo’s sex toy stimulator devices, the Sona Cruise and Tor 2, have been given a Diesel ‘makeover’ for the collaboration. The Italian clothes company’s signature red hue adorns the new versions of the products, which now bear the capitalized slogans “TURN ME ON” and “ALL I NEED IS A CHARGE”.

The Diesel-stamped Sona Cruise is selling for $120, with the Tor 2 selling for $150, in some Diesel flagship stores and online.

Diesel has tweaked its company motto “For successful living” to “For sexful living” for the collaboration, and made a promo video featuring gorgeous models that suitably looks more like a fashion advert than an ad for sextech.

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The collaboration is probably more about marketing than actually selling rebranded sextech products, but such a well-known fashion brand as Diesel pushing into the sextech sphere is another indicator of how close to the mainstream sextech is becoming.

With sexual openness – including use of sextech devices – becoming part of normal life among much of the youth demographic brands like Diesel target, firms and celebrities are becoming more open to sextech’s marketing power.

In the last couple of years celebrities such as singer and actor Lily Allen, model and actor Cara Delevingne and singer and actor Demi Lovato have launched branded sextech products. There’s been a shift to market sex toys as wellness rather than sex products, with buzzwords about empowerment and breaking stigmas common.

Although much of this stuff descends into fluffy marketing spiel, Diesel tooting the sextech horn so loudly does feel like another significant nudge towards the mainstream for sextech in general. The brand has focused on youth culture and cultivated a sexy, racy image for years, but as a globally-recognised clothes company, putting its name to genital vibrating devices will still turn some heads.

Luka Matutinović, Lelo’s chief marketing officer, said: “Our partnership with Diesel is crucial as it showcases a union between fashion and sex-tech and highlights how sexual wellness is seamlessly incorporated in our daily life. Just like a pair of jeans.”

Now Diesel has kicked down this door, we look forward to the day when Ralph Lauren plasters its name on a veiny, 15-inch, chino-beige, cock-realistic vibrator.

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