‘Moderate’ success on work towards mind-controlled Autoblow sex toy

Mind-controlled autoblow.

The maker of the Autoblow blow job machine has conducted experiments he hopes could lead to a mind-controlled version of the sex toy, with scientists saying they achieved “moderate” success with the tests.

Brian Sloan claims that over 400,000 Autoblow toys have been sold, and recently released a voice-controlled version called the Autoblow AI+. Sloan recently commissioned research on controlling the Autoblow via electroencephalography (EEG), a method of recording and transferring brain waves into data that can be interpreted by computers.

In a Canadian research center, that wanted to remain anonymous, male subjects wore hat-like systems containing electrodes that detected electrical signals from their brains. The idea was that if you can map the EEG electrodes to the control settings of the Autoblow you could potentially control the toy with those thoughts.

After training with this set-up, researchers had some success in basic activation of an Autoblow with such thoughts. Participants were able to turn the toy on by thinking about moving their left arm, and make it go slower by thinking about moving the left leg.

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Future experiments could potentially make the thoughts that control the Autoblow more relevant to how the sex toy is actually used – for example thinking of receiving a blow job to activate it, rather than thinking about moving your leg or arm.

There’s also the issue of the headset. Currently the EEG process requires users to wear bulky devices over their scalps, which could be a hindrance to getting yourself into a highly erotic mood.

“They’re making sunglasses that have Bluetooth speakers in them. Elon Musk is developing Neuralink. I don’t know what’s coming for people’s brains. That’s not my field. But I do know that if I offered people a sex toy that you could operate without touching any buttons, that seems like an obvious thing people would want to use,” Sloan told Slate.

“If a device is masturbating you, and your brain is doing all the work without having to deal with any human-to-machine interaction, I can’t think of anything cooler,” he added.

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