Screaming O’s new ‘discreet’ vibrating egg with 40-meter remote range costs under $100

The Screaming O Premium Remote Egg also allows one remote control to operate multiple eggs at once.
screaming o premium vibrator

Sex toy company Screaming O has released a new remote-controlled vibrating egg-style product in its ‘discreet’ range, that can be activated by a remote control toggle at a distance of up to 40 metres.

The new Premium Remote Egg device is 7.3cm long and 3.2cm wide at its widest point. It has ten vibration speed settings and ten pulsation patterns, with Screaming O saying its motor gives a low pitch, deep rumbling sensation. It retails at $94.82, which seems very specific indeed.

premium egg
Screaming O’s Premium Remote Egg and remote control device

Coming with a separate remote controller that can be used within 40 meters of the main egg device, the Premium Remote Egg is designed to be used discreetly out and about, and potentially with a nearby partner controlling the device.

Screaming O said that each Premium Remote Egg can only be synched to one remote control device so there is, according to the company, “no possibility” that a stranger with the same product could use their remote control to hack into and operate someone else’s egg device.

Each single remote control can, however, be synched to multiple egg devices. The company said this could come in handy for people in polyamorous relationships, or who are into swinging.

The device is made from black ‘True Silicone’, is waterproof, and can be used for a minimum of an hour between charges. It comes with a security tether attached to the main egg device, that can be used to retrieve it from wherever you choose to insert it. It’s also fully rechargeable via USB, which should make it handy for anyone that wants to take it on their travels.

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