‘Flaccid to erect in a single swipe’: App-connected wearable penis finally goes on sale

vdom 1.1 is now on sale, following several delays

A premium wearable silicone penis billed as “the first app-connected adult wearable that can go from flaccid to erect with a single swipe” has been launched, following a series of delays and quality control issues.

The VDOM v1.1 is worn over the groin area and secured to your body via flaps emanating from its base (ie. just behind the silicone balls). The shaft can go from ‘dormant’ to erect when controlled by the VDOM app, with the device also having a manual control. For extra control, it can be worn with specially-designed VDOM underwear.

The VDOM is available in two sizes: one that’s six inches long and 1.63 inches wide, and one that’s eight inches long and two inches wide. It comes in three skin tones: light, medium, and dark.

Retailing at $675, the device is very much priced as a high-end product.

The idea with the VDOM is that it can be worn in flaccid mode during everyday life, then ‘activated’ to go erect for times of intimacy. The device is made by the tech company SkiiMoo Tech and has been generating sextech industry buzz for a few years while in development.

Company founder Glenise Kinard-Moore won second place at the 2022 Black Ambition Prize, which musician Pharrell Williams founded to recognize bold companies founded by Black and Hispanic entrepreneurs. 

VDOM’s product launch was announced in October 2022, but Kinard-Moore said that quality control issues with a supplier led to further delays. Kinard-Moore posted videos online explaining that the silicone element of the device was not up to scratch.

Now VDOM has announced the launch of a v1.1 of the device, which it claims solves these issues and has had design tweaks based on feedback from the initial flawed run. The balls of the VDOM are slightly smaller in the new version, the shaft is slightly narrower, and the colors are more realistic skin tones.

The company said that an initial run of 150 VDOM v1.1 devices was made. A second production run is scheduled for August 2023.

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