STG Deals: Helping beginners make sense of sextech devices

STG Deals is for people putting a tentative and metaphorical toe into the waters of sextech devices.

It’s a classic conundrum: not knowing what’s possible makes seeking something specific very difficult.

Take a car, for example. You couldn’t look for one that has self-driving modes, as a Tesla does, unless you knew that there’s a viable option on sale on the roads already. Admittedly, if you’re reading this and live in the US, it would have been pretty hard to miss Tesla up to this point, but that’s another thing entirely.

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Sextech isn’t so different. How could you know what you might enjoy if you don’t even know what’s available? Exactly.

And while you could do that research yourself by trawling through sites like Amazon or individual blogs, it’s going to take you a whole lot of time you probably don’t have. So, instead, we’re slowly pulling together short info sheets on different sextech products to help illustrate what’s available on sale today.[su_splash style=”dark-boxed” opacity=”55″ onclick=”url” delay=”3″ esc=”no” close=”no”]We’re currently overhauling our store and deals pages. We’ll remove this splash screen when it reopens! [/su_splash]

We’re starting small  (really small, with only 5 or so items today, and more over the weekend) deliberately, as being overwhelmed by a world of choice isn’t a useful place to start. Brands like Kiiroo, We-Vibe, MysteryVibe and Lovense are kicking off the listings, though we’ll be adding a more diverse range of new devices and brands over time. All you need to do is bookmark our STG Deals page and check it once in a while, or visit the product pages individually to set up price alert emails for when they’re reduced.

All sales take place on Amazon, other similar sites or directly from the manufacturer – you’re not buying from us, so you don’t need to create an account or log in to shop our list of deals (but it does allow you to access discounts as they become available).

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stg deals screen

You tried to click the buttons in this screenshot instead of the ones above didn’t you?


For now, we’re keeping it short and sweet, but get in touch if there are particular products you’d like us to list. We’re also opening up commenting today and will soon give you the ability to leave user reviews on device listings too, so you can all help each other out as well.

And lastly, we’re working on a way to make the product archive pages look a bit prettier too.

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Affiliate Disclosure
Some articles contain affiliate links that allow us to earn money if you decide to purchase any of these products or services. This does not cost you any extra, and it allows us to continue to run this independent website without ads. Affiliate links have no relation to review ratings or other editorial coverage. You can read the full policy here.


Ben Woods is a passionate journalist, editor, and media adviser who not only brought SEXTECHGUIDE to life but keeps it running smoothly on a day-to-day basis. Before embarking on this exciting journey, Ben's work reached millions of people through reputable publications such as WIRED, TrustedReviews, The Inquirer, V3, CNET, ZDNet, and The Next Web, among many more. Ben dives deep into the realms of tech, sex, and the future on SEXTECHGUIDE, inviting readers to explore the intriguing intersection of these domains.

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