As people came together this holiday season, you might have thought that means less people reading SEXTECHGUIDE, but it was actually the opposite – more people visited the site on Christmas day than the days approaching it (and Boxing Day increased that further). 

So, what was everyone reading? Here’s the top 5 stories on the site for Christmas Day 2018. 

  1. Best Android Porn Apps 2018 – OK, this was the clear winner in visitors for the day. Did a whole lot of you get new Android phones by any chance?
  2. Oculus GO Review – Clearly lots of you got new VR headsets from Santa this year.
  3. Ultimate Guide to VR Porn – And the first thing on the mind of everyone who got VR headsets was…escaping the festive celebrations.
  4. How to Stream iStripper to A VR Headset – Another VR related entry on the list here.
  5. Best Interactive Porn Sites – This one would suggest that quite a few people got interactive sex toys for Christmas, and went in search of some interactive content that could sync with it. 

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