As people came together this holiday season, you might have thought that means less people reading SEXTECHGUIDE, but it was actually the opposite – more people visited the site on Christmas day than the days approaching it (and Boxing Day increased that further). 

So, what was everyone reading? Here’s the top 5 stories on the site for Christmas Day 2018. 

  1. Best Android Porn Apps 2018 – OK, this was the clear winner in visitors for the day. Did a whole lot of you get new Android phones by any chance?
  2. Oculus GO Review – Clearly lots of you got new VR headsets from Santa this year.
  3. Ultimate Guide to VR Porn – And the first thing on the mind of everyone who got VR headsets was…escaping the festive celebrations.
  4. How to Stream iStripper to A VR Headset – Another VR related entry on the list here.
  5. Best Interactive Porn Sites – This one would suggest that quite a few people got interactive sex toys for Christmas, and went in search of some interactive content that could sync with it. 

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I started this site and keep it running. Tech. Sex. The future. SEXTECHGUIDE is a place to look a bit closer at that the place where those things meet. My regular work is currently found on WIRED, TrustedReviews, The Inquirer, V3, The Next Web and many more sites. I'm available to hire, or for media consultation/training for startups. If you want to get in contact, shoot an email to contact@sextechguide.com.

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