3nder, an app for arranging threesomes, has changed its name to Feeld following a legal challenge from Tinder.

Admittedly, you wouldn’t know that from reading Feeld’s blog announcing the change. There, you get an altogether more emotive description of why a rebrand was necessary.

“3nder was built on love and passion, but my old name limited me. Now I am something more. My foundations are the same, my values unchanged, but I have grown. I expand and evolve just as you do, and it it [sic] time to reflect that growth.

I am the space for open minds. Minds that breath freedom.

I am iOS and Android.”

I am potentially infringing on a registered trademark? No?

Well, I guess that problem’s disappeared now anyway.

The app has a few minor UI tweaks to mark the occasion, but it’s hard not to find it utterly perplexing that the company didn’t take the opportunity to choose a name that was either pronounceable or made sense.