Brazzers account details of nearly 800,000 members have been exposed in a hack, according to Motherboard.

The problem – as has been the case in the past for other companies – appears to be a weakness in the vBulletin software Brazzers was using for its forums – but to add insult to injury, users who never actually signed up for the forums, but did sign up to the main site, could also find their details caught up in the hack.

Firstly, if that’s you and you use the same password everywhere, especially on your email account, then go and change it immediately, and stop doing that. The leaked passwords and data have been verified independently, so, seriously, go and do that now.

There there were nearly a million different accounts listed in the dump but many were duplicates – inactive accounts have been banned to stop the same names being used in future. Brazzers said.

The next thing you need to do is stop signing up for porn sites with your real email address, given how frequently adult sites are targeted by hackers – the massive Ashley Madison hack is testament to that.

We’d recommend ‘burner’ contact services like Slippery.email.

For now, the Brazzers Forum is showing an “under maintenance” sign.


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