AliceX, a VR live cam service that garnered some attention mid 2016 with some wide-ranging coverage in the tech press, has closed its virtual doors. Sort of.

After repeated attempts to clarify the situation, AliceX hasn’t been overly forthcoming with solid details on what’s going on, but one thing is for sure: if you visit the site now, it’s not the same “virtual girlfriend” experience it once promised. The logo, however, remains the same, and there’s now just a panel of regular adult cam shows on offer.

There aren’t any VR cams on offer that we can find, and we were told there was no press contact for the company by customer service. The same representative also confirmed that there are no VR cams on the platform anymore.

In an attempt to verify that fact, we contacted customer service once again, who confusingly said that Oculus Rift headsets weren’t supported, but that Android 5.0+ handsets were. This is confusing because there definitely aren’t any VR cams to watch.

Two subsequent follow-ups were met with no response at the time of writing.

Too soon?

Whether AliceX will re-introduce the VR service in the future is unknown, there’s every chance it could if it looked like it would be profitable enough, but the closure of the original VR girlfriend experience version of the site isn’t too much of a shock. There were few performers online at any one time, which made the overall experience hit-and-miss, despite technically delivering a hassle-free and engaging experience.

As we noted in our VR live cam roundup, it’s still early days for a live VR experience so an approach taken by sites like CamSoda [NSFW] – experimenting with VR experiences, but not going all-in – makes more sense in the long run.

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