Autoblow AI promises to be a smarter oral sex simulator for men

Autoblow AI packaging

The Autoblow – a male sex toy that never really needed much explanation thanks to its name – launched in 2009, promising to simulate oral sex. It did not do that.

In fact, it was a bit of a mess – the experience was based on the movement of circles of ball-bearings up-and-down the outside of a sleeve, inside a plastic casing. Nonetheless, people bought it… and then many of them left annoyed comments around the Web.


The company followed that up with the Autoblow 2/2+, which used a very similar design but swapped out the portable nature, which meant you needed to plug it into a wall to use it. On the plus side, that allowed a more powerful motor, and – as importantly for its creators – it was a crowdfunding hit.

Now, Vieci – Autoblow’s parent company – is back with its third attempt, and this time it has added artificial intelligence into the mix, which CEO Brian Sloane says “mechanically better replicates the gliding and friction combination of the mouth and hand that men experience during oral sex.”

The result is the Autoblow AI, a device that claims to offer 10 different oral sex experiences, including one “that creates the important human element of surprise”, and has ‘edging’ functionality too.

Combining a microcontroller with an I.R. beam sensor and magnetic field sensors provides control of a gripper that manipulates a flesh-like sleeve at different speeds between any of 250 different points – all within the 5-inch range of movement.

Early bird backers can get a 48% discount, netting a unit for $129 plus shipping. At the time of writing, 104 of the 125 spots at this price have been snapped up already.

The next cheapest available pre-order option is the Autoblow AI VIP, which is the same unit but with a clear plastic exterior. Delivery is slated to start around May 2019.

Whether or not training artificial intelligence on thousands of hours of blowjob videos will improve the overall experience remains to be seen, but we’ll be putting up a review when available.

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