Virtual Sexology is back… but this time it’s aimed at women

The new Virtual Sexology clip gives pointers that it says will help to increase sexual confidence for women.
Virtual Sexology 2

Last year, BadoinkVR launched a ‘Virtual Sexology’ microsite that consisted of a single video aimed at men. One that specifically said it would “improve your abilities in the bedroom while instilling relaxation, control, and confidence.” Now, Badoink is back with Virtual Sexology II, but this time it’s aimed at female viewers.

The theory, according to (parts) of the video, is that many women worry about not feeling turned on as a result of not understanding their own bodies, and features the sort of POV shots you’d come to expect of a VR experience, with both a man and a woman. There’s also a section on circular breathing and kegel exercises at the start, though it pretty quickly falls away into considerably more explicit scenes. And of course, with it being VR (not simply POV), you can look around (in a headset) or drag around the scene for an alternate angle.

Badoink Virtual Sexology

In its aim of being ‘instructional’, running through a series of different sex toys in POV with a woman, and then a straight sex scene with a guy, perhaps isn’t anything too revolutionary, but it does serve a wider aim. VR porn, both the watching of it and production of it, is dominated by men. Bringing attention to the fact that there could be potential ‘educational’ benefits to VR for women may well be something that many people simply haven’t considered. And if it misses the mark there, it may well still end up being enjoyable as an experience.

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Of course, it’s also a neat bit of marketing for Badoink’s VR services. Rivals to the company, such as VirtualRealPorn, have microsites aimed specifically at women, in VRP’s case called ‘VirtualRealPassion‘. You don’t need to be a member of Badoink to view the Virtual Sexology videos though, and they’re available for a range of different devices.

What you tend to find on female-focused sites, however, is a direct translation of those found on male sites – in that it’s still POV-dominated collection of scenes that lack in genuine variety. With the economics of porn production nowadays, that’s perhaps not too much of a surprise, but it’s still a shame., a long-established, female-focused studio that aims to buck trend, released its first VR movie last year.

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