CamSoda has removed the beta tag from its new platform that allows anyone to apply to live stream their every move at home. As CamSoda is generally known for its entirely NSFW cam platform [NSFW link], you’d be forgiven for thinking that LifeStream would also be focused on sex, but you’d be wrong.

Of course, if participants have sex in their house, that’s then going to be broadcast – as it’s airing 24/7, The Truman Show style – but there’s no particular emphasis on that apparently. This is simply for the interest of snooping on the minutiae of life. Only people over the age of 18 can apply to broadcast on the platform, and for now, the onboarding is still an entirely manual process that involves emailing, chatting with CamSoda and then signing a release form.

Once that’s done, your new camera rig (between one and three 720p HD cameras) will be set up in your house. You’ll also have your internet service provider bill paid for you, and get $200 a month directly from CamSoda in exchange for broadcasting your life.

CamSoda Lifestream

On the viewer side of things, you can either watch live, or view the LifeStream Stories feature, which allows the performer to group together clips in a story a la Snapchat and Instagram. Viewing live kicks you across to a subdomain of CamSoda at /LifeStream where you can select a channel.

While it’s being pitched as a potentially non-sexual service, a quick check of the LifeStreams online at the time of writing shows that it’s primarily cam performers that want to make a little more money and get a little more publicity for their shows through another channel.

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