Potentially terrifying Cellmate 2 penis chastity cage confirmed

CELLMATE 2 confirmed

The makers of a penis chastity device previously found to have potentially terrifying security flaws has confirmed that it is releasing a sequel product.

Rumours that a follow-up device to the Cellmate, an app-controlled penis chastity cage made by the Chinese sex toy company Qiui, began circulating online earlier in 2021. They were accompanied by suggestions that the new device would have electrostimulation capabilities: a prospect many online commenters found frightening.

Cellmate 2
A photo of the Cellmate 2 that circulated online earlier in 2021.

A photograph (shown above) purporting to show the forthcoming new Cellmate also circulated online, originating from Chinese social media.

Qiui has since confirmed to SEXTECHGUIDE that it is indeed preparing to launch a new Cellmate product. The company would not confirm details about the device, such as whether it will, as was rumoured, have a function allowing an app user to apply electrostimulation to a Cellmate user’s genitals.

The company said that it was making “finalizations” to its new Cellmate device, which is yet to be manufactured.

Qiui already makes a device called the Little Devil Shock Collar, which allows an app user to deliver a shock to a person wearing the device around their neck. The company markets the product with the phrase: “Discipline your partner”.

In 2020 it was revealed that the Cellmate had security flaws potentially allowing any of the devices in circulation to be controlled by one app user. Users’ personal data was also found to have been compromised.

The app control flaw, which could potentially have been abused by hackers demanding ransom to ‘unlock’ someone’s penis from the cage, was exposed by cyber security company Pan Test Partners. It was resolved before any such incidents were reported.

Commenting on rumours about the new Cellmate device, Kyle Machulis, creator of the Buttplug.io open source sex toy website resource, tweeted that Qiui “should never be allowed to produce hardware again, much less BDSM hardware”.

“Do not bother showing up in my mentions with ‘But what if they make it safe?’. That is not a thing that can happen,” he added.

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  1. The ‘abused by hackers’ thing was overstated and exaggerated by the media, there’s no actual examples of anyone being locked by hackers and I’d go so far to say anyone that claimed that was attention seeking. Also the device was relatively easy to ‘break into’ and unlock if that ever happened.

    The issue really is that the design and app for the original cellmate (now renamed) was pretty bad, and probably hasn’t improved. But if you want to wear something like this, this has a more futuristic look than most and you won’t go around clanking like a medieval knight.

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