An adult platform that uses NFT crypto payments is hoping to attract NSFW creators and their fans to begin trading.

CumRocket is a deflationary (DeFi) token that hopes to appeal to the adult market with its NSFW NFT marketplace and private content subscription platform.

Created by a female software engineer, the brand is focused on transparency and non-anonymous active social media usage, with an active following on platforms such as TikTok.

Its currency, $Cummies, can be used to tip creators or be traded with other cryptocurrencies instantly via the, ahem, CumSwap platform.

The benefits of using DeFi – decentralised finance – to pay for adult content is that it’s censorship resistant, so won’t fall prey to some of the downfalls of adult creators receiving payments from conventional payment providers, such as Mastercard and Visa.

In addition to this, creators with “a certain amount” of $Cummies in their wallet will appear on CumRocket’s featured creators page.

Each transaction will trigger a 5 percent fee, where 2.5 percent is redistributed to all the current holders, in proportion to their current holdings. The remaining fee will be “burned for life”, decreasing supply (and increasing demand). There’s no limit to how many tokens can be burned.

The business has also now started to collaborate with models to feature content on its marketplace

This is a dummy listing, as you can tell from the lorum ipsum text.

With content ranging from video clips to full-length feature adult films, the marketplace is still in its early stages of development, but the CumRocket team says its “sights are set” on developing a second version later this year which will enable full customization.

Also planned for later this year is a platform where adult creators can sell content for a subscription fee – either monthly or yearly – in order to guarantee a sustained income for adult creators who opt to trade in this way.

As with most cryptocurrencies, whether or not there’s a way to sustainably balance the power demands for processing with the advantages of privacy remains to be seen. It certainly hasn’t been found yet.

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