No, the company doesn’t think that you’re using it wrong but results from a survey of 2,000 people suggest you’re really using it way, way too much.

The survey results suggest that only just over half of people expected better sex while on holiday, but only 60 percent of people thought it lived up to expectations.

Worse than that, 72 percent admitted to using their phones during sex. Unless you’re using it to read STG, you really should stop that immediately.

On holiday specifically, 59 percent of people said that they used their phones too frequently, and that it damages their relationship. To reinforce its message, it also sent some couples on holiday with and without devices to see what happened.

Durex #DoNotDisturb – Reconnect and enjoy great holiday sex

Of course, Durex would say this, wouldn’t it. It wants you to have more sex, but really, that’s one brand message that I just can’t disagree with. Your holiday shouldn’t be a media battleground in a race to secure the dodgy Wi-Fi long enough to upload snaps to Instagram.

Just remember to stop checking your Facebook updates and put down your phone first, OK?


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