Emjoy tailors public and private audio journeys designed to empower female pleasure

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New sexual wellbeing app, Emjoy, is the newest entrant in the personalized audio content market – from mindful pleasure and communication skills, to the science behind arousal.

The app asks you to pick goals and whether you consider yourself a novice or an expert, and then curates a journey out of its 80+ guided sessions, tailored for your sexual growth.

There’s a public and private setting; with more erotic sessions for when you are alone, and things like audio-guides that are safer to listen to on your commute, such as ‘myths around the female orgasm’.

Available of the App Store and Google Play, there are limited free audio guides, or you can cough up £29.99 per year for access to everything. As of July 31, just two weeks after launch, Emjoy has raised €1m in seed funding from pan-European Venture Capital firm, Nauta Capital. Emjoy has said it will use the funds to develop in both the UK and US markets, and double its team by 2020.

Founded by Andrea Oliver Garcia and Daniel Tamas in Barcelona in 2018, out of a desire to overcome social sexual repression. Where society puts male pleasure first, they wanted to provide real tools for female empowerment.

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“It’s not about telling people that they have issues or problems, it’s about saying ‘you have the agency over your sex life and you need to understand yourself before you can get what you want sexually.'”

Andrea Oliver Garcia

Like sexual wellbeing studio Ferly, Emjoy also focuses on sexual self-care and body-positivity. Empowerment and growing self-esteem, encourages women to have more pleasure and gain a better understanding of what they want and need.

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Oli Lipski

Oli Lipski

Oli is a freelance sex tech researcher based in London. With an MA in Sexual Dissidence, researching sex tech, and a BA in History, researching gender and sexuality, she has a keen understanding of the past, present and future of sex.

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