In 1992, I wouldn’t have even been thinking about sex, but it turns out people were sure thinking a lot about sex of the future, so much so in fact that there was magazine dedicated to it (ahead of its time!) that ran for just two years.

In that time, it managed seven issues, all of which you can now check out on the Internet Archive thanks to MetaFetish’s excellent documenting work.

Strange as it may seem, take a dive into that first issue (do we really need to warn you it’s entirely NSFW?) and you’ll find it feels entirely contemporary in many ways, putting design aside. The first issue opens, for example, with the questions: “What is the future of your sex life? Will a cyborg love slave service your every need?”

This is a topic still being discussed now, with some saying robot lovers will be all-but mainstream in 10 years and others campaigning against sex robots entirely.

VR was obviously a nascent topic at the time too (“Will you go online into a 3D digital environment and plug your fantasies into licensed software?”) and is one of the technologies that’s now just about breaking through.

If you can bear the fonts, the series is well worth a look. Just not at work.

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