Escort booking app Smooci is finally coming to the UK. As noted back in our initial coverage, despite being a UK-based company, the service wasn’t being offered within Britain.

Now, the company has confirmed that London will be the seventh city in which it operates – and the launch is planned to go ahead before Valentine’s Day on 14 February.  Other cities Smooci operates in include Hong Kong, Bangkok, Singapore and Manilla. Currently the only European city covered is Berlin (and there are only three escorts registered there so far) but Amsterdam will also follow suit with its own launch in February.

The app promises to make escorting safer for both parties, using a two-way rating system. Additionally sex workers can use the app’s tracking feature to verify they’re safe. Buyers can see when escorts are available, check their ratings, chat to them and negotiate service requirements.

Unlike other similar platforms out there, Smooci does not take a cut from the transactions. Instead it’s primarily by a premium membership tier, functioning in a similar way to many dating apps.

Escorts can trial the app for free, with the first three bookings offered as inclusive. After those have been used up, they will be able to accept a maximum of one booking every three days without paying for a membership.

For clients, pricing levels vary from $9.99 for three days’ access, going up to $99.99 for one year.

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