Feeld adds new virtual quarantine ‘Cores’ for remote hookups

Feeld Quarantine Core

Monogamy-challenging dating app Feeld has launched a number of new virtual environments (or ‘Cores’) for people using their unexpected, enforced free time for some virtual hookups.

The move comes as part of Feeld’s adaptations to our brave new post-COVID world, as it seeks to find “ways to continue enabling our community to explore their desires without endangering themselves and others.”

In addition to its more location-based rooms, it now offers ‘Quarantine’ for those who want to chat and hook up with others who are self-isolating. This one is the most ‘PG’ of the sites and Feeld suggests it’s great for romance, friendly and even platonic connections.

The second is for ‘Remote Threesomes’, allowing couples looking for a singleton (or vice versa) to hook up. Feeld says this one is for people who think that “staying in doesn’t mean playing house”.

Finally, if you just want to skip the preliminaries, the ‘Sext Bunker’ lets you get hard and heavy, virtually speaking, without all that messy getting-to-know-you chit chat. Feeld says this one will give you “more reasons to wash your hands”.

The new Cores have been in testing for a month now, with Feeld saying that “since its release on March 18, the Quarantine core has become our most popular location surpassing London and New York, while the Sext Bunker and Remote Threesomes have grown tenfold, with members joining from 70+ countries.”

Feeld has confirmed that all three of these new Cores are now available to all members, and will be free to use, indefinitely.

The UK-based site has been on something of a roll recently, after its recent collaboration with a Dutch designer to create “For Play‘, an experimental interactive ‘room’ that turns your face into an amorphous blob that can swirl and meld with other users’ blobs.

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