Kiiroo has launched the second iteration of its wearable range of vibrators in the form of the Esca2, keeping the G-spot centric design at the heart of the product.

Just like the original Esca, it can be controlled via the OhMiBod Remote App or connect with other devices via the Feel Connect App, just like pretty much any other Kiiroo product.

Kiiroo told SEXTECHGUIDE that there’s improved Bluetooth performance on the new toy, and that it has a longer lasting battery life – a claimed 3-4 hours, which should be a huge improvement over the original’s half an hour or so. A company spokesperson confirmed that, for its webcam testers, the battery had lasted beyond the four-hour mark. 

Kiiroo Esca2: What’s new?

Changes to the overall design are fairly modest on the Esca2, but that’s not to say they aren’t noteworthy. For example, there are now three different Bluetooth settings, rather than just the one, which are supposed to take into account the potential for different users. 

  • Full motor intensity and full LED light
  • Half motor intensity (for webcam models) and full LED lights
  • Full motor strength and NO LED lights

This last ‘no lights’ option means that users have the option to surreptitiously wear the Esca2 in any situation without fear of lights shining through underwear. 

Like the original, Esca2 can also connect to interactive content, such as VR and video games, as well as to your smart home system for hands-free voice activation control. ‘Club mode’ syncs the vibration and lights in time to the beat of the music.

At CES in January 2019, OhMiBod announced an Apple Watch app that connects some of its devices (including the Esca2) to your smartwatch for biofeedback control, syncing the light and vibration to your heartbeat.

The much longer in-use battery life does mean that the $119 Esca2 is a few millimetres larger than the original model, but not many. It officially measures up at 185.4mm length and 33.1mm diameter, and weighs 56 grams. 

We’ll be reserving judgement until our review unit arrives, but it seems unlikely that anyone would be disappointed by the changes made here: who doesn’t want a longer battery life and more versatile use options?

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