Kiiroo is a company that you can hardly fail to stumble across if you’re in any way interested in sex tech and interactive devices, but it’s not one that has ever felt the need to put out products under its own brand name, preferring instead to partner with other adult companies to produce its past devices, like the Fleshlight Launch or the Onyx2, both of which use different versions of Fleshlight sleeves. The Kiiroo Titan, however, has no such co-branding, and no Fleshlight sleeve inside.

Rather, Kiiroo worked with another (unnamed) third-party company for the sleeve that sits inside the Titan – and this time ensured that it was black, so that the whole device is the same color, inside and out. Indeed, color choice is one thing you don’t get with the Titan. Black, or black are the options.



The main point of the Titan is to provide a range of different masturbatory options, enhanced by the nine vibrating bullet-shaped motors. As with the company’s other co-branded devices, the Titan can be used solo via touch-sensitive buttons on the side, or interactively with another device or synced adult content. In total, there are seven different modes that the Titan can be used in, including one that simulates fellatio.

A spokesperson told SEXTECHGUIDE that while no specific details of the sleeve material have been released at this point, it has been designed to feel like “the real deal.”

The Titan is available directly from Kiiroo for $149.00, or there’s a  ‘FeelPornStars Titan Experience‘ box for $154.00, which includes interactive erotic content.

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