Kink.com is relaunching today with a new unified, streamlined site that will play home to all its BDSM and fetish content.

The company previously had dozens of different sites, each with their own subscription package. The end result for anyone wanting to subscribe to multiple Kink-owned domains was having to manage multiple subscriptions.

Now, that tangled mess is just one simple monthly $49.99 for access to everything. The longer you’re willing to pay for up-front, the cheaper it becomes – falling to just over $26 per month if you cough up $320 for a year of access.

It’s a move that makes sense, regardless of what the content being provided is – while it might cause a few people to baulk at the initial cost, the company is banking on the sheer depth of its different content to convince people to hand over the cash.

In some ways, it’s similar to the way in which Amazon Prime works – by lumping together all its music, on-demand TV and movies, Fresh Grocery deliveries, all of which would be individual subscriptions otherwise, it makes a far more compelling overall offering.

Kink.com still has a fair way to go before it can call itself ‘the Amazon of fetish and BDSM porn’ though.

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Return of Orange is the New Black to Netflix changed one Pornhub search by 475%

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